chocolate and cheese, a match made in heaven

06 cover

Every now and then I will make a cake for a friend’s birthday. It has to be a good friend and I have to be in the baking spirit. Don’t laugh, it’s an actual thing. I go through times where I couldn’t be bothered to touch an oven or separate an egg and times where my enthusiasm knows no bounds and I literally have to throw baked goods at friends to get rid of them. The baked goods, not the friends.

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how (not) to impress your mother-in-law

04 cover

The first time I cooked for the mother of a boyfriend I ended up both impressing her and humiliating myself. I was spending Christmas with his family in Kenya and happily volunteered to help prepare some Christmas goodies such as mince pies. My day of slaving away in the kitchen with her came to an abrupt end when I grabbed a large melting plastic spoon I had left leaning against the inside of a pot. Needless to say, the plastic immediately fused with my thumb and inflicted the meanest burn I’ve ever had.

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a cheesy winter delight

01 cover

What I love most about winter is the cold. Weird, I know, but there’s nothing better than cuddling under a blanket on the couch, rewatching Rango and the Matrix again and again, sipping on hot Milo and generally having a laze. The downside of course is the constant chill in your bones.

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the cookie of black magic

04 cookies

Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. I performed a spell at my house yesterday. The result? Soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. The black magic part? What they did in the oven. My friends told me afterwards that they know this is what cookie dough does – the butter melts and makes a dollop of dough become a flat cookie. But I refuse to accept this explanation. These non-believers wouldn’t know what true magic was if they ate it.

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finger licking good

04 featured

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

Big moments in life should be celebrated. My boyfriend moved in on the weekend and I made his favourite meal – roast chicken! I’ll always remember an exchange we had while we first had roast chicken together after his brother made it.

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an ode to mini cheesecakes

04 mini

I cannot overemphasise how much I love baked cheesecake. Luckily, my mom has always made a good one and it used to disappear rather quickly when she had only just prepared it. Cheesecake reminds me of my childhood, makes me happy and is just so nommy. In fact, here’s my favourite Muppets song. Is it any wonder that it’s about cheesecake?

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what’s a party without pretzels?

07 pretzel

I officially became an adult a few weeks ago when I became the owner of a flat in the west of Johannesburg. After an initial hard week of painting, cleaning, mounting, shopping and nursing my sore muscles, Team Awesome (myself, my mom and my boyfriend) managed to pull together a beautiful home that I just can’t get enough of. So what better way to celebrate than to invite a few friends over and have a beerfest, right?

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what a sweet treat

05 done

I was invited to an Easter lunch two weeks ago and decided to bring a classic German cake called Bienenstich. Literally translated it means “bee sting”, which is kind of weird considering the cake doesn’t have any honey in it. But then again, Germans are kind of weird. I mean, they wear socks with their sandals. True story.

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the perils of fish poop

Jamie's sardines

There’s some things that even professional chefs don’t tell you, merely because they assume that an amateur cook couldn’t be that ignorant. Well, Jamie, I am that ignorant and I apologise for bastardising your dish. Truly.

What am I talking about? Well, I’m a big fan of Jamie’s and watch his 30 Minute Meals on DStv all the time. His sardines episode made my mouth water so much that I had to attempt it at home. Now, I make his dishes all the time and they’re pretty foolproof. I just doubt that a fool as big as myself exists on this earth.

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